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Our Mission


The BC Institute of Power Engineers is dedicated to the promotion of
workplace safety and training involving boiler and pressure vessel systems.

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Bridge the Gap



A new National initiative was introduced at the 2011 AGM in Sault Ste. Marie in September. It is called 'Bridge the Gap' and is designed to develop solutions to the shortage of Power Engineers across Canada, as well as other problems faced by Power Engineers. Go to http://www.nipe.ca and choose 'Bridge the Gap' for the most recent update.

Jude Rankin, our National IPE President spoke last month at a conference in Calgary called Getenergy for Canada. It was the first dedicated national forum for the advancement of training, education and workforce development in the Canadian oil and gas industry hosted by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic).

Jude opened the first session of the conference and spoke about the IPE working with industry, colleges and government to identify areas of shortages of Power Engineers. The IPE is working with colleges in Ontario on a survey to collect data for this discussion. In B.C. we make note of actual situations of shortages exists, like the Burnaby Incinerator and communicate them.

Jude also spoke about the IPE coordinating efforts to increase the number of certified courses of Power Engineering in the country. Examples are my letter of support for BCIT’s diploma program and the survey to determine the need for St. Lawrence College’s course in Ontario.

Another item on the list was a video that the National IPE is working to put together about the Power Engineer, to educate those who need to know the benefits of hiring Power Engineers.

Jude talked about a coordinated effort by the IPE to find opportunities for Power Engineers to get qualifying time for Fourth and Third Class certification by coordinating industry and colleges. This is something we need to work harder at in BC – to make us the one-stop shop for placements. He also talked about increasing assistance to those working on Second and First Class Power Engineering courses by providing online study aids. This is something we now have an agreement with Pan Global Training Systems to do.

Jude spoke about our “Practical Skills Record” logbook, formerly CATE manual that is published to help Power Engineers track their training and experience. We are working to make this logbook a requirement in Power Engineering classes across the country.

Overall result: The IPE is working together with industry, colleges and government to increase the number of qualified Power Engineers across Canada.